F.L.O.C.K. Groups

F.L.O.C.K. Groups

  • “F” = Foundation; Word of God
  • “L” = Love; Mutual Care
  • “O” = Outreach; Making Disciples
  • “C” = Coming Alongside; Accountability / Helping
  • “K” = Kneeling; Praying Together
Flock Group – EBC Small Groups

FLOCK Groups are Growth-Groups that meet both in homes and at EastPointe Bible Church’s building. But all FLOCK Groups focus on the pulpit, sermon lesson curriculum.  

FLOCK Groups meet mostly on Sundays. Some may meet evenings throughout the week.

Theses FLOCK Groups practice the “1, 2, 3’s” steps of small group discipleship:

Flock Group – EB Small Groups

Below is a current list of FLOCK Groups to help best select a group that fits you and your family’s need. We gladly “Welcome,” you all.

Please, contact FLOCK Group’s leadership for more information or email Matthew Carnagua for details.

Sunday12:30Larry & Bonalu YoungEBC Rm 109(765) 472-4928
Sunday1:00John & Kelly NewmanContact for meeting date & location.(765) 469-3388
Sunday3:00Daniel & Brittney ScalesContact for meeting date & location.(765) 701-5323
Every-other Sunday5:00Brad & Laura FruthContact for meeting date.(317) 753-1014
Every-other Sunday 5:30Larry & Sheryl OdenContact for meeting date & location.(765) 244-0614
Every-other Wednesday 6:30Chris & Lindsey KunkleContact for meeting date & location.(765) 460-8454