Biblical COUNSELING Ministry

Biblical COUNSELING Ministry

Biblical Counseling and serving people is how EastPointe Bible Church (EBC) Learns, Loves and Lives Christ with the people of our community.

Counseling Ministry
From God’s creation, we understand that humans were designed to need input from others and especially from God. And knowing that life is full of challenging situations, we want to do our best to help as many persons as possible to navigate those difficult seasons. Biblical Counseling at EastPointe Bible Church is based on the solid truth of God’s Word and is applicable to all areas of life as we pursue Learning, Loving, Living Christ together. The Biblical Counseling EastPointe Bible Church offers to the community is designed to meet all of life’s needs such as parenting, marriage, and financial concerns. And, its best results happen within the culture of the local church. Men and women counselors are available to walk this path along with you. 

Click the links below to learn more about our group counseling as well as other areas of Biblical Counseling offered at EastPointe Bible Church. Or, for an appointment or more information , please contact Pastor Jim Butler


LIVING FREE ministers to individuals and families who have experienced addictions or life controlling challenges. Small group counseling is available for topics like substance abuse, distractive behaviors, harmful emotions, unhealthy relationships and negative attitudes. Please, contact Matthew Carnagua or the Miami County LIVING FREE website for current group offerings.


WAVES of LIFE is a counseling group designed to help people navigate grief in a positive way. If you or a friend has experienced a loss of any kind, you are invited to attend the SECOND (2nd) Sunday of EVERY month from 2 – 3:00 pm at EastPointe Bible Church . Some examples of grief  are death of a loved one, a relationship change, death of a pet. Snacks and childcare for children age 0-12 are provided. Registration is not required, but is helpful, register here. If you want more information, contact Matthew Carnagua or visit WAVES of LIFE on Facebook


Wings of Hope is a counseling / Women’s Support Group for the ladies of EastPointe and is also open to the community.  Meets EVERY Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. in EBC Room 109. 

We are learning to apply the biblical process of change to our lives through various studies and while referencing Ephesians 4:20-24 & 2 Tim 3:16, which reminds us of how change really happens.

For more information, see Mindi Strong.